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We are pleased to inform that very soon we are coming up with Meeting Minutes Sync, an add-on app for Meeting Minutes to enable easy syncing of your data between multiple devices. The first release of Meeting Minutes Sync will be available in the next 1-2 weeks.

Meeting Minutes Sync will enable syncing your data between multiple devices through our secure cloud platform provider. In the initial release, the sync will be done at the database level giving you full control of what you want to upload or download to or from the server. In future releases, we plan to enable sync at the individual element level to improve the efficiency.

We hope you will appreciate this effort and support Meeting Minutes Sync.

I have been using iPage to host this website for over an year. The experience has been excellent so far. Their availability is almost 100% and they make it extremely simple to manage your site with the powerful control panel and the excellent support. The tickets raised get addressed within hours and when I needed to talk, I was almost able to reach a human within 5 minutes. I really wasn’t expecting this level of service for a few $s per month.

Please do consider using iPage for your hosting needs by clicking here.


Disclosure: Due to a special offer from iPage, I am being compensated for this review and any resulting referrals from my affiliate links posted above. However, the review itself is an honest feedback on our experience so far.