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A few customers asked us recently on how multiple people using Meeting Minutes Pro collaborate and work together on a single meeting. For example, one of them would set up a meeting and agenda whereas the other one would run the meeting and capture the discussion and action items. The third one would follow up on the action items and take them to closure. Well, guess what, you can certainly do this using Meeting Minutes Pro and quite simply in fact… Heres how…

  1. User 1: Create/Import the meeting. Add the agenda
  2. User 1: Long press the meeting and choose the option “export” and then “meeting to file”
  3. User 1: Share the file with colleagues
  4. User 2: Import the meeting into their device by choosing the menu option “import” from the home screen and then “meeting from file”
  5. User 2: Update the discussion and action items
  6. User 2: Export meeting to file as in step 2
  7. User 2: Share the file with colleagues
  8. User 3: Import meeting from file as in step 4
  9. User 3: Track Action Items to closure and make the updates