A quick comparison of popular 7″ tablets in the market

Apple released the iPad mini yesterday apart from a host of other new-new and old-new devices. Marketing folks at Apple are pretty good and can make even the worst product look great with their innovative charts and statistics. One other fact that was noticed by everyone but not specifically announced by Apple was the sunset of the old new iPad (3rd gen) that was released only in March this year. Apparently, Apple is clearing their stock of the 3rd gen iPads as refurbs starting at a price of $379. The new new iPad (4th gen) is the same as the old new iPad (3rd gen) but has the lightning connector and the A6X processor.

Here is a quick comparison of the 4 popular 7 inch tablets in the market. In this comparison I have used the Google (ASUS) Nexus 7 as the baseline with which the other three are compared. It is clearly evident from this comparison that the iPad mini is essentially an outdated and overpriced device. In more simple terms it is an iPad 2 in a smaller casing. And it is also clearly evident that the Nexus 7 emerges as the WINNER. Kindle Fire HD is a pretty good device that will work for those that consume a lot of content from Amazon.

** – It is rumored that the 32 GB Nexus 7 will be introduced by the end of this month. Some folks have already been able to purchase it at some retail stores in the US.

%% – It is also rumored that the 32 GB Nexus 7 will be sold at $249 while the 16 GB variant will be sold at $199. The 8 GB variant will apparently be discontinued.

## – Prices of the Kindle Fire HD without special offers has been considered for the comparison.

Note: Google doesn’t write me any checks (though I would be more than happy if they did) out of the profits they make out the Nexus 7. I personally own a 16 GB Nexus 7.

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