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    • Thanks Richard. Yes, you can change icon of people and replace it with your organization’s logo in the exported PDF meeting minutes/agenda. You can also decide to use one or both or none of the two logos (right and left). You can customize it the way you want from the settings functionality of the app. If you are using the 3 day trial version of the app, you can do it in the free version too.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab3 – After installing the trial, a window came up with a button to read the help file – so I clicked the button to do so. While reading the help info, I accidently hit the menu key on the device, which immediately powered it off – which is very strange. I turned it back on and started the app again. This time, a window came up that said the trial expired. Time installed on device = less than 5 minutes. I never even got a chance to explore it beyond reading the first paragraph of the help. Do you know what could have happened? And is there a way I can still get the 3 day trial? Thanks

    • Dear Paul,

      First of all, we apologize for the trouble you are facing. This is the first time we have heard that the trial expired message has come up after the device got restarted. We will try to recreate the problem and identify a resolution for it.

      Unfortunately, if you are getting the trial expired message, we have no way of extending the free trial once again. However, we request you to go ahead and purchase Meeting Minutes Pro with confidence. If for any reason you dont like it and want a refund, just send us an email with the receipt you would have received from Google Play and we will refund your purchase no questions asked.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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