2 comments on “Meeting Minutes Pro R2.7 now released

  1. Hi. This app is a breakthrough for me in reducing my workload, so thanks for that.

    If I could make a suggestion for development. I would love to be able to load this on my PC and have the meetings auto sync between my devices.

    I would pay extra money for a productivity feature like that.

    Another feature that would be good is if I could customise the layout of the minutes. My organisation has a preferred template which is different from your layout.

    Still the best app I have come across for taking minutes.


    • Dear Michael,

      Thanks for your comments. We are glad to know that you like our app and find it useful.

      We are considering the feature of auto sync between devices. The only challenge we are working with is to do it without any issues of data security. Certain customers are very concerned about security of their data and don’t want their data to be exposed to the internet. However, we are considering to deliver this feature as an optional add on. We will keep you posted.

      We are also considering the options of custom layouts and/or multiple choices of format. We will keep you posted on that too.

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