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  1. hi using your minute meetings app which is great but can I download to my laptop or computer as well to use it on these devices

    • Thanks Theresa. Meeting Minutes Pro is an Android app and a version for PC/Mac is not available at this time. However, you can try bluestacks to see if it works for you. It allows you to run Android apps on a laptop or computer (your laptop/computer needs to be supported by bluestacks)

  2. Wonderful application. Works great and assisted me in pre and post meeting activities. But I was expecting the footer to be customisable or removed in the Pro version. It ruins the professional look by having “Created using Meeting Minutes Pro for Android” as a footer for your minutes which you’re supposed to distribute to other people. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. Glad to know you like the app. We have sent you a detailed email in response to your comment..

        • Dear Jess,

          You can customize the footer by going to Settings and then custom labels. Here you should scroll down to the bottom of the screen and there you will find the box to enter your own footer message….

          Please let us know if you have any additional questions…

  3. Keep it up. I would gladly pay more for quality apps like Meeting Minutes Pro. It is such a powerful and useful app, unlike 99% of the apps in Google Play and BlackBerry World.

  4. Great app.. I love the end result which enable me to report all my meetings on the move immediately with proper output.

    Perhaps it could be better if pictures can be added on it as well as on attachment.

  5. Hi,

    I am *very* tempted to buy the Meeting Minutes Pro – but it is missing just one thing for me, and that is the ability to set a “Client” for the meeting.

    What I want to do is have meetings with different clients, but rather than just type in a client’s name, instead, have the option to choose a previously made clients name (maybe it could appear as I start typing?).

    The reason being, that I want to easily view all meetings I’ve had previously with 1 client… of which I can’t currently see an easy way to do this.

    Would this be something you’d look to add please?

    • Thanks for your interest in Meeting Minutes Pro. We have tried and continue to try to make the app user friendly and customizable with each release. Today, you could use the Meeting Location field for this purpose and put in your client information. It would auto prompt you with any previous client names you might have used. Using the Custom Labels feature in Settings, you can customize the labels used in the exported meeting minutes/agenda to see the word “Client” instead of “Location”.

      Hope this helps. Please do let us know if you have additional questions.

      Note: We do understand that the suggestion above would deny you the ability to store the meeting location if you need that information. However, this is the best workaround for your requirement with the current app.

      • Hi I amhaving problem to purchase the app from blackberry world, I’m using PlayBook it says PayPal error 559044

        • Dear Mike,

          Thanks for your interest in our app. With regards to this error we recommend you to restart the playbook and try again. If you still face the error you will need to contact BlackBerry at help@blackberry.com

          Please let us know if you have any additional questions…

  6. Hi,

    Just started tot use meeting minute pro. Thanks again for the great jand fast support with the secondary user probleem on android 4.2.2.
    At this moment i mis the fuctionality tot export action items to exchange tasks.
    And in addition to the post above not only client but also subject would be Nice.

    • Thanks for your comments. We will consider the feature to export action items as tasks. Regarding the subject, we already have it as a field for the meetings. Are you need something in addition to that? Please clarify…

  7. I am very interested in this program. I am not sure if I read it correctly, but this program will export the meeting minutes into a word program, “voice to text” capability?

    • Dear Kyle,

      Yes the program will indeed export meeting minutes into a MS Word XML format that can be opened using MS Office. Unfortunately we donot have the voice to text capability at this time. We invite you to try out the free 3 day trial version of our app to experience the features yourself.

  8. I am going to try the 3 days trial version soon. But i already have a question before i pay for the pro version. I am using two devices in my meetings, phone and tablet. Do i have to buy the program two times? How about a possible syn between the two devices? Can i find all my meetings on both devices independet where i wrote them?

    • Dear Urs,

      Thanks for your interest in our app. You would not need to buy the program two times. You are our customer, not your device. You can buy once and install the app on your phone and tablet.

      Right now, there is no auto sync feature between the devices considering the fact that it would require exposing your meeting data (which may be confidential) over the internet. We are trying to identify a way to provide this as an option add-on so that only those that are interested can use the add-on sync feature. Meanwhile, you can manually sync data between your devices by using the Export/Import Database or the Export/Import Meeting to File options. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  9. Hi,

    finally i found a MOM tool i can work with!
    However, i have issue in the section of “Action Items” section. somehow i can’t assign action item to more than one participate.
    if there is a limitation please let me know or i missing something…

    10x, Hadar

    • Dear Hadar,

      Thanks for your interest in Meeting Minutes Pro. We are glad to know that you like it and find it useful. At this time, the app has a limitation of assigning an action item to a single person. We will consider your suggestion for a future release and add it to our list of enhancements for the future.

  10. Need to have the ability to change the footer when exporting. I work in a high profile healthcare setting and the present footer is not acceptable for my environment. Other than that, the pro version meets all of my needs Thank you

    • Dear Mike,

      Thanks for your interest in our app. We are glad to know that it meets your needs. The footer can already be customized by going to Settings – Custom Labels. We have sent you a detailed email on this regard. Please let us know if you have any questions…

  11. So far I love the app. One thing I would like to be able to do is modify the formatting of the Participants section in the exported Meeting Minutes PDF. For example the Attendees are listed vertically thus consuming much of the valuable real-estate on the first page. I also don’t necessarily utilize the Recipients section which leaves a lot of white space that could be used for the Attendees List. Have you considered allowing content such as the Minute Taker, Organizer, & Recipients to be optional fields to allow the Attendees to wrap horizontally vs. vertically?

    • Thanks for your interest in our app. We are glad you like it and find it useful. We have been working on creating a feature to allow users to customize the template in the way they want. However, it has not really worked out well so far.

      We understand your suggestion regarding allowing the Recipients and Minute Taker, Chair boxes as optional so that Attendees can use all the available space. We will consider your suggestion for a future release.

  12. The app looks good. As I’ll be buying the tablet around the app I’ve got 2 questions:
    1) Do you now support stylus/hand written notes and OCR functionality
    2) I understand all data is stored locally. Can I syncronize with an on-line location and work from multiple tablets in the same database?

    • Dear Paul,

      Thanks for your interest in our app. It would work great on tablets.

      1) The app itself doesn’t provide stylus/hand written notes capabilities. However, if your device supports that as an input method or you have another app that provides these capabilities, you can use that with Meeting Minutes Pro as well.

      2) You are correct that all data is stored locally. You can synchronize the data with an on-line location and work from multiple devices. Meeting Minutes Sync add-on (available only on Google Play) provides this functionality….

      Please do let us know if you have any additional questions…

  13. I am trying to import a contacts csv file. When it gets to the “choose app to select the file” it says my device has “no applications can perform this action” what type of app am I looking for to assist with this function?

    • Dear Angela,

      Thanks for your interest in our app. You need a file browser/manager app. Alternatively, you can use our internal file browser by going to settings and changing the file browser setting from external to internal.

  14. This apps looks very interesting, any way to upload agenda items?
    Also maybe possibilities to upload discussion items, or actions items?

    • Dear Pat,

      Thanks for your interest in our app. You cannot specifically upload agenda, discussion and action items from anywhere into Meeting Minutes Pro. However, you can copy these items from one meeting to another once they are in Meeting Minutes Pro. Please let us know more on how and where from you would like to upload these items and we will see if your suggestion can be considered for future releases.

      • any options really would be good, from a txt file, csv file… idea is simply that the agenda is prepared in advance and often available already in outlook or ppt.
        I could have the meetings prepared in advance in MM by copying from calendar , and uploading the agenda (instead of retyping it)… then only require to take notes and AP during the meeting

        • Dear Pat,

          Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider adding a feature to import agenda from a csv file for a future release.

        • Dear Pat,

          We are glad to inform you that the feature to import agenda, discussion and action items from a text file (csv for action items) has been included in the most recent update. Please check it out and share your feedback.

  15. In looking for similar apps to use on my laptop, I see a site that mentions an impending Meeting Minutes Pro for Windows 8, due on June 1, 2014. However, I don’t see anything here hinting at a Windows version. Is a Windows version on the horizon?

    • Dear Darwin,

      The Windows version is not yet in the horizon. It will probably take several more months. Meanwhile, you can consider running Android from your laptop. There are several ways you can install Android on your laptop and then use Meeting Minutes Pro within Android on your laptop. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  16. Is it possible to turn off date due in actions, sometimes I need to just make a comment or note assigned to a discussion.

    • Dear Martin,

      Thanks for your interest in our app. The due date is mandatory for an action item and cannot be turned off. We will consider your request for a future release.

  17. Would really love for you to add formatting capabilities to discussion, agenda, and action items (ie bullets, bold, italic, etc)

    • Dear Gary,

      Thanks for your interest in Meeting Minutes Pro and your feedback. We will consider your suggestion (formatting capabilities) for a future release.

  18. Hi Sriman,
    Love the app and using it is very simple and effective!! I’m importing items now which is speeding up the process but I have one question. When you import Discussion Items, how can you import it in such a way that it is automatically linked to an Agenda Item (new or existing)? Can you somehow put it in the text document?

    • Dear Tom,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are glad to know that you like our app and find it useful.

      At this time, discussion items when imported cannot be linked to agenda items automatically. We have tried different ways to do that but it is quite difficult to establish that link within the text document. Hopefully we will find an elegant solution soon.

  19. Hi. I have the app on my Playbook and want it on my Z30. In BlackBerry App World, it has the download button. When I click it it says I have to purchase it first, but it will not allow me to buy it. I would gladly pay again for this excellent app.

  20. Hi. Can I make suggestions for a next release? I would like to include (open) action items from the global list from previous meetings as a ‘follow-up’ agenda item in another meeting. Now I need to switch from the meeting to the general list during the actual meeting while typing notes and participating. Copying action items from earlier meetings is not the solution as that creates duplicates in the global list.

    Secondly. It would be nice if you could add a ‘conclusion’ after ‘discussion’ derived from an agenda point. The decisions made in a meeting could be tracked more easy. A global list of the conclusions comming from the meetings would even make it better.

    If there was a mm deluxe version that had these option I would defenitly buy it and easily spent 20 USD on it!

  21. Hello..!

    My main system for meetings is Lotus Notes…. how can I get my Lotus Notes meetings (at my desktop computer) into my Meeting Minutes Pro?

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