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  1. I love my tablet for convenience when I’m at home. I also interact with my smart phone very routinely when throughout my day at the large manufacturing facility where I work. Additionally, I have a desktop and laptop at work and another desktop at home where I occasionally work.

    When you say “the sync of data between multiple devices”, are meaning that I could run this app on perhaps my tablet, phone, and or laptop and have synchonization between all? (This would be too cool)

    This leads me to my next set of questions:

    Can (and how do) I interact with this app on my laptop or desktop PC? (This would be a major plus for me as the smart phone and tablet keyboards are obviously not designed to input large amounts of data)

    If so, how do I get the app on my laptop, desktop, or smartphone? Do I need a separate license for each device?

    • Dear Paul,

      Thanks for your interest in our app. Our app right now is available only on the Android platform. That said, you can run the app on your phone and tablet (assuming both run Android) and synchronize data between both the devices. At this time we dont have a Windows version of the app. However there are some alternatives like bluestacks.com to run mobile apps on your PC. We have not tested out our app fully using such alternatives.

      Finally, you are our customer. Your devices are not. You can buy one license of Meeting Minutes Pro and Meeting Minutes Sync and use it on all of your devices.

  2. This would be a great funtionality to be Able to access and edit from your desktop. It would make a great app perfect

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