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Some customers recently wanted to know when Meeting Minutes Sync would be available on Amazon AppStore, Samsung Apps and any other Non Google Play app store. Their concern was more around the fact that they are unable to use Meeting Minutes Sync because they purchased Meeting Minutes Pro from one of these app stores.

We have plans to make Meeting Minutes Sync available across all app stores. However, since each one uses their own in-app billing sdk it will take some time. Meanwhile, we have GOOD NEWS. If you have access to Google Play (most likely you will), just go ahead and download Meeting Minutes Sync from Google Play and use it. Meeting Minutes Pro & Sync will work together irrespective of the app store from which you downloaded those apps. Hope this clarifies and helps. Please contact us at in case of any questions.

A new update (3.1) for Meeting Minutes Pro has been released today. This will be available on Google Play in the next 2-3 hours and in the next 5-7 days in the Amazon AppStore and Samsung Apps (depending on the time taken in the approval process)

Edit: 5th May 2014, 13:00 GMT: The update is available on Amazon now.

This release adds the following features to the app:

  • Import agenda & discussion items from a text file
  • Import action items from a csv file
  • Export list of meetings to csv file
  • Attendance Reports for Meetings and Participants
  • Choose Font Size for the Exported Meeting Minutes & Agenda
  • Minor Bug Fixes

A new update (3.0) for Meeting Minutes Pro and a bug fix release (1.2) for Meeting Minutes Sync have been released today. They will be available on Google Play in the next 2-3 hours.

This release adds the following features to the app:

  • Option to choose from multiple font styles for the PDF format
  • Support for languages that use the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts in PDF format
  • Support for all Unicode encoded languages in HTML and MS Word XML formats
  • Usability improvement to navigate easily between editing/adding discussion & action items
  • File Names for exported meetings and action items to contain meeting date instead of system date
  • Minor Bug fixes & Stability Improvements