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A new update (3.5) for Meeting Minutes Pro has been released today. This will be available on Google Play in the next 2-3 hours and in the next 5-7 days in the Amazon AppStore and Samsung Apps (depending on the time taken in the approval process)

This release adds the following features to the app:

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Minor Stability Improvements
  • Simplify transferring data from Trial to Pro version

Meet Mr. Smith. He works for a large company and attends a lot of meetings. He used to spend a lot of time managing his meetings and action items. Now he doesn’t anymore as he uses Meeting Minutes Pro to do that for him. Before the meeting, he imports meetings from his calendar, adds the agenda and distributes it to the participants in less than 5 minutes. During the meeting he enters the discussion and action items into the app. After the meeting he is able to publish the meeting minutes much before participants get back to their desks. Meeting Minutes Pro helps Mr. Smith to be productive, efficient and smart with several simple but powerful features and customization options. Do you want to be considered the “Smart” guy at work? Starting using Meeting Minutes Pro now. You can try it for free for 3 days before you buy it…

Courtesy AppSurfer, you can now get a sneak peek preview of Meeting Minutes Pro from your browser on ANY device. Sounds interesting? Go here, take a look and let me know what you think about the app…

Note: AppSurfer shows the preview on a phone-like simulator. Meeting Minutes Pro, though now has a fully optimized UI for mobile phones, works and feels a lot better on Tablets.

A new release (2.0) for Meeting Minutes Pro has been released today. It should be available on Google Play in the next 2-3 hours and will be available on BlackBerry AppWorld and Amazon AppStore in the next 1-2 days.

This release adds the following features to the app:

  • Portrait Mode enabled
  • Support for multiple font size
  • Rearrange Agenda Items and Discussion Items
  • Export Action Items of a single meeting into a csv file
  • Fully optimized UI for mobile phones/phablets (ready for BB10..)
  • UI optimization and improvements

Great News….Release 1.4 (1.6 on BlackBerry App World) transforms Meeting Minutes (Free) from a limited functionality demo version to a full functionality 3 day trial of Meeting Minutes Pro. You can now try and experience the complete set of functionality offered by Meeting Minutes Pro for 3 days before taking a decision on purchasing it.

This update is already live on Google Play and will be live on Amazon and BlackBerry App World in the next couple of days.