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A few customers recently asked us questions on two related topics:

  • How can I get contacts from wherever into the app so they can be added as participants to meetings?
  • How can I easily add participants/contacts (rather than adding them one by one) to meetings?

We are pleased to inform that Meeting Minutes Pro provides several options to achieve both of these objectives easily. Lets us take a look.

Getting Contacts into the App:

  1. Using contacts from the device: If you have your contacts on your device, you need not do anything special. Meeting Minutes Pro accesses device contacts and allows you to add them as participants to the meetings. Remember, if you see asterisks at the end of a name when adding participants to a meeting, it is a contact coming from the device. If you don’t see it, is a contact coming from within the app’s database.
  2. Importing contacts from a file: Wherever your contacts are, we are pretty sure you have an option to export them to a csv file. You can use that file (albeit with some adjustments to the column order etc) to import the contacts into the app. Navigate to Manage Contacts from the home screen and then choose the option import and follow the instructions. It is that easy.
  3. Importing a Meeting from the Calendar: This is a dirty little trick. When you import a Meeting from the calendar, to make it easy for you, we automatically add the participants to the meeting. In that process we bring on any contacts that are not already present in the app. So, if you want to get some contacts into the app and have a meeting on your calendar that these people are invited to, simply import that meeting and you are done. To import a meeting from calendar, choose the menu option import from the home screen and then select meeting from calendar.

Adding participants to meetings:

  1. Importing a Meeting from the Calendar: As described above
  2. Copy Data From Another Meeting: The copy data from another meeting lets you copy anything (participants, agenda, discussion and action items) from one meeting to another. You can simply use this feature to add participants to a meeting you are setting up from any meetings you might have already setup/imported in the past. To do this, tap on the meeting you are setting up and then select the menu option Copy Data From Another Meeting and follow the instructions.

Hope this information is useful and helpful. Please let us know by adding comments here.