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An interesting write up on Google. This has been taken from a forum on the internet. Credit goes to the original author…

Google is trying to be part of your life in every way. They want to be your phone (Nexus, Google Voice), your social network (Google+, Gtalk etc.), the way you find new places (Navigation, Google Maps), where you go and check-in (Latitude, if you haven’t checked your location tracking you might want to see this and log in with a Google account attached to an android device. It’s pretty…creepy. Google knows where I work, where I live, where I’ve been, how often I stayed at each place and put it in a pie chart of how many hours I spend at each place. I haven’t turned this off because I find this really interesting and I didn’t know Google tracked me so…accurately.)

Google wants to be your ads (adwords etc.), they want to know how you shop and what you like to shop for (Google Wallet, Shopping, Offers, Checkout), they want to be your ISP and cable provider (Google Fiber), they want to be the service to also take you to the places you need to go (Google self-driving car).

Google wants to know everything you see (Google Glass), and how you spend your day to day life.

Google wants to be your web browser (Chrome), they want to be your OS (Chrome OS), and they want to be your tablet, e-reader, music player etc. (Google Books, Google Music, Android, Nexus, Google Movies, etc.)

Google wants to know what makes you laugh and what your interests are (YouTube, Search, News), they want to know the people that you love and the things you like to take pictures of (Picasa, contacts, Google+, Gmail etc.)

And Google also wants to help you find what you want (Search) and help you succeed in your studies (Scholar).

Google Now also knows that package that just shipped from Amazon and when it’s going to arrive, the weather where you live and work, the traffice on your commute, your appointments, the currency and language you’ll need while travelling, and timezones. It’ll also help you find new places to see (FieldTrip), and if your flight is delayed or whether your sports team is winning.

Google also wants to let you know when there’s an emergency and how to get to safety (Hurrican Sandy Google Now alerts showed gas and shelter etc.).

Google also wants to know what money you make (Stocks), when your birthday is and your friends birthdays, hotels restaurants etc.

Apple and Microsoft have got NOTHING on how much Google knows about you.

But I’m okay with it. If I wanted, I can delete much of what Google knows about me, in one click (data liberation of Google account).

Google offers it’s services to better themselves and your own lives. They learn about you so they can market/advertise to you better. Every company wants to do this, and out of all of them, I trust Google the most, because they are transparent at least on how they track me and let me know how I can modify the data they track about me.