8 comments on “Future Apps

  1. BB10 native version. The port works well but native would give us access to spell check and some of the disabled items in the settings.

    • Thanks for your interest in our app. Glad to know that you like it. We have raised the issue of spell check and certain other items with BB. Hopefully they will bring it to the BlackBerry Android Runtime soon.

  2. I also love your app. Would love to see a native BB10 version. I also understand that BB plans on updating the Android runtime, and so if that works better, I won’t complain too much. The biggest thing I would like to see is the BB10 keyboard. I can’t see how that is a limitation of Android runtime though as many other Android ported apps have the BB10 keyboard. Is this a high priority for your next update?

  3. This is a great (useful) app; just switched from an android tablet to MS surface pro Windows 8 tablet. It would be great to find this available as an ms store app. And that it would be compatible with MS Office would shoot it over the top!!

    • Thanks. Glad to know you like our app. We do have plans to create this across multiple platforms. We will keep you posted.

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