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Apart from Meeting Minutes Pro, here are some other Android Apps that I find useful and use frequently. Please note that I am in no way affiliated to any of these apps directly or indirectly.

SwiftKey 3 Tablet Keyboard: A very useful keyboard app that can make typing on the tablet easy.. And I mean really easy.. It learns from you as you type and improves itself as you use it. It is priced at $3.99 and is definitely well worth the price.

KingSoft Office: A very powerful and real office suite for Android that is completely FREE.

Tasker: A very powerful automation app to automate pretty much anything that you can think about. It lets you configure triggers, actions, tasks and looks like it even allows you to create your own apps (I have not tried this yet). Though priced relatively high at $6.49, it is a great app that you will not regret purchasing.

MDScan: If you ever wanted to scan bills, receipts, documents etc with your phone on the go when you don’t have a scanner within reach then MDScan is just made for you. It has some cool features like auto edge detection, perspective correction and multiple options to enhance the scanned image. It is priced slightly higher at $4.99.

Smart Voice Recorder: This is a good voice recorder that can automatically skip relative silence. Best of all, it is FREE.

Nexus Media Importer: Google did everything with the Nexus devices but left the ability of an external storage (micro SD slot) option much desired. That is where Nexus Media Importer comes in. It allows you to connect USB storage devices to your Nexus device without needing a root. Priced at $2.99, it works as a stop gap solution to the lack of micro SD slot on Nexus devices.

File Manager HD: An excellent free (ad supported) file manager app for Android. The UI is great and has rich features that makes it an everyday necessity.